Terms and Definitions

iES Service

Cloud-based authentication service provided by Rowem

4-digit Password

4-digit password made of 10 numbers -> “7693”


Module for the apps: 40-digit code pad where codes correspond to the numbers in the password (4-digit code per 1-digit password)

CTABLEID (Code Table Identification)

Unique identifier for the CTABLE per user authentication request

Super passcode

16-digit replacement code for the 4-digit password

SP encryption key

End-to-End encryption/decryption key. Key for encrypting/decrypting 4-digit user password and SP (16-digit replacement password)


16-digit replacement code for the 4-digit password


ID used to find the code table in the server

Encryption/decryption key or CT_ID

Key for decrypting encrypted CT_ID and encrypting the CT_ID

Code table

Code table that replaces 4-digit password with 16-digit SP